Oxygen Forensic Suite User Certification Training

Becoming an Oxygen Forensic® Suite certified user has its obvious benefits - including discounts on products, exclusive access to new program functionality and more! Take your chance today to contribute to the influence of your professional development, the further product development, and connect with a welcoming community of Oxygen Forensics.

Course Outline:

  • Various device platforms and their support in Oxygen ForensicR Suite.
  • Device connection in Oxygen Forensic® Suite.
  • Extraction methods used in Oxygen ForensicR Suite.
  • Data extraction from passcode-protected devices.
  • Supported backup formats.
  • Basic data extraction - contacts, calls, messages, calendar, dictionaries.
  • File Browser section that stores the whole file system.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Plist Viewer.
  • Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer.
  • Deleted data recovery.
  • Applications and Passwords extraction.
  • Spyware detection.
  • Web Connections history.
  • Timeline - all facts of device usage in one place.
  • Aggregated Contacts - all contacts gathered from various sources.
  • Links and Stats, Social Graph - all social connections between device users and contacts.
  • Key Evidence - clean, uncluttered view of evidence marked as essential.
  • Global Search.
  • Building and customizing forensic reports.
  • Reports section that stores the history of all made reports.

Training Benefits:

Training classes on Oxygen Forensic® Suite keep you up-to-date with mobile forensic trends and new technologies which are essential to achieving your goals.
You work on your reputation by learning new skills and becoming a valued asset in your organization.
You receive 20% discount for more powerful Oxygen Forensic® Suite Analyst license.
After the training you have a unique opportunity to receive an official certificate and updated license key containing information about the certification that is displayed in Oxygen Forensic® Suite interface and reports. Updated license key has no expiration date.

After the training you get:

Perpetual license of Oxygen Forensic® Suite Standard edition.
Invaluable experience and knowledge on how to use it properly and effectively.
Signed certificate of the training completion.
A special license key containing the information about your certification.
Oxygen Forensic® Suite as well as all reports displaying information that you're the certified user.

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