Advanced Network Audits

DefSec can perform assessments, audits and “Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT) simulations. Our security assessment components include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Vulnerability Assessments:  This assessment will examine and identify network vulnerabilities for internal/external systems to determine their potential of exploitation. From there we formulate reports and plans detailing our findings and remediation’s.
  • Security Device Assessments:  In this assessment we take an exhaustive look at your network’s security devices, including Next-gen Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF’s), VPN’s, IDS/IPS, amongst many other devices.
  • Network Architecture Assessments:  Our network architecture review is designed to evaluate the functionality, reliability and compatibility of your business and security systems. With this we obtain the data needed to make your network better; then match these results to an agreed upon security model to create a detailed course of action for any changes suggested.
  • Wireless Infrastructure Assessments:  This assessment will evaluate the security of your organizations wireless environment.  Once complete, we will provide you with detailed information for improvement and proper implementation of your wireless system.
  • Mobile & BYOD Assessments:  Our Mobile device assessment brings efficient and effective solutions to your organizations mobile and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) infrastructure.  With many organizations today using such a policy, it is important to know you are doing it right.
  • Network Audit/Penetration Test: These are highly customized audits that include many of the above listed services. They aim to provide a realistic and detailed view of an internal and/or external attack on your organization.  This type of audit is often required as part of an industry compliance’s, such as HIPPA and PCI.
(Please note that additional services are available on request)
With DefSec’s Network Audit and Analysis, you can ensure your network is ready for whatever your business needs. DefSec helps make sure the network is ready to accommodate change, whether from technology adoption, mergers and acquisitions, organizational alignments or new application deployment.
Key benefits include the following:
  • Minimize risk relating to the business systems and network infrastructure.
  • Improve business knowledge of the programs (systems) in place throughout the network to facilitate more accurate planning.
  • Accommodate change for technology adoption, mergers and acquisitions, organizational alignments, or new application deployment to advance network infrastructures.
  • Establish a baseline for best practices, design and implementation of new services, and advanced technologies such as IP telephony, wireless, and advanced security devices.
  • Establish compliance levels for the core controls section of the ISO standard for best practices in information security.
DefSec’s Network Audit and Assessment services can assist your company in minimizing its network infrastructure risk.  The main goal is to ensure your network’s availability, agility, efficiency, confidentiality, and integrity.
With DefSec’s Network Audit and Assessment services, you can ensure your network is ready for whatever your business needs may be.